Paperless Payroll

Genie Payroll Services offers superior paperless payroll and paystub systems at a price any small to medium sized business can afford. Not only do electronic systems save resources it also helps increase security of sensitive company information through paperless payroll and pay stub reporting systems.

In many businesses paper based payroll reports, paystubs, and checks are stored in binders in file cabinets or on shelves in the owner or controller’s office. Take a moment to visualize where you store your WA payroll data and pay stubs and the consequences if an unauthorized employee viewed the information or worse yet, the reports were stolen. What type of pay stub reporting data is stored there—Social Security numbers, direct deposit information, addresses, dependent information, garnishment status, and the list goes on and on. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data and paystubs. Experience the benefits of our paperless payroll systems for Washington businesses.

WA Paperless Payroll and Paystub System with Direct Deposit:

  • Increased security of company reporting information
  • Administrator systems access to paystubs, etc. 24/7/365
  • Human Resource Information Electronic Reporting Systems to track employee information
  • Eliminate lost checks and pay stubs
  • Reduce risk of employees viewing the pay stubs, compensation, and benefits of other employees
  • Allow employees to view current and past pay stubs / W-2 reporting online
  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts for employees
  • Allow administrator access to process/update paperless payroll outside of business hours
  • Increase credibility with employees through professional Washington paperless paystub systems
  • Reduce overall costs.

Electronic Pay Stub

Employees enjoy the benefits of our paperless payroll processing services as well. Employees will have access to view/print their WA paperless paystubs online through their secure, customized, web based system 24/7/365. Employees will thank you for offering direct deposit service as it will save them time and money by eliminating trips to the bank. In addition, offering direct deposit and a paperless paystub system in Washington will demonstrate credibility and professionalism to your employees.

How Paperless Payroll in WA Works

  1. Internal Administrator enters/uploads payroll data online
  2. We provide electronic reporting to the administrator
  3. We calculate, file, and deduct all payroll related taxes from your account
  4. Direct Deposits are made to employee checking accounts on payday
  5. Employees login to view their paperless pay stubs through our paperless payroll reporting systems

Our paperless paystub systems with direct deposit will allow your company to save time, money, and resources while streamlining your internal payroll process. Provide employees the benefits of paperless paystubs and direct deposit, saving time and money, and increase the credibility of your company through our WA paperless payroll system.

To learn more about Genie Payroll Services paperless reporting systems benefits and pay stub solutions in Washington, call us today at 877-386-3407 or view more information on “Employer Services”, “Employee Services”, “Web Based Payroll” which are included in our entire electronic processing services.