HR Management

Ever have a sticky/difficult situation…no need to stress, call the experts!

Would you like to have the full benefit of a human resource department without the expense of hiring additional employees and drastically increasing your payroll? Genie offers top notch Washington human resource management systems online.

Now you can have the help of professionals at your fingertips when you sign up for our WA Human Resources management system. Genie Payroll has created a vast selection of valuable tools to help you run your business and to assist in all HR management needs. We work with businesses from all over the country. Our knowledgeable customer service reps are always here to assist you in your Washington HR management needs.

Why Choose Genie for Your WA Human Resources Management needs?

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Many businesses are turning to online human resource systems in WA to save valuable time and money. Here at Genie, our HR management expertise will help to reduce your budget while improving procedures and efficiency.

Some of the helpful human resources tools we proudly offer in our HR management system are:

  • Human Resources Forms and Audio Casts
  • Policy Library and Q & A Database
  • Checklists, Guides, and Letters
  • Federal and State Law Databases
  • State Law Alert Service
  • 3-minute HR Audit and My HR Tickets
  • Articles, News, and Advisor Newsletter
  • Hiring, Termination, Leave of Absence, and Performance Management Guides
  • Ask The Pro – Live HR Help and 30-60 Minute Consultation Calls
  • Custom Letters, Forms, and Employee Handbooks

Along with all those great tools we provide valuable information via podcasts monthly.

Superior Human Resource System in Washington

Let us show you what our WA Human Resource System can do for you. Our HR management systems are easy to use and we are available to assist you when you need it. We are here to help you save time, money, and reduce the stress of running your business.


To learn more about Genie HR services and benefits call us today at 877-386-3407, or email us at