How It Works

Our safe and secure payroll system is easy and hassle free for owners and their employees.

As the small business owner, you will log in and enter your payroll data online into our secure web based system and preview for accuracy.  Owners can email or fax payroll information and updates as needed. Or call a Genie payroll specialist to provide payroll details by phone. We keep it simple, convenient and quick.

We then initiate the direct deposits to pay employees, pay the payroll taxes and produce electronic reports and pay stubs.

Genie’s on-line services reduce or eliminate the need to provide employees with past income and/or tax data.  Employees retrieve it themselves – any time of day or night.  They simply log-in for their personal payroll history and W-2 information.

Save time and money.  Call Genie today – 877-386-3407.