Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to write a quick note to express my appreciation. To say that you have helped me immensely would be an understatement. For as often as I call on you for help, I am overwhelmed by your patience and willingness to go above and beyond…Because of your helpful staff, we will remain a loyal customer.
Diane C., Veterinary Clinic

Genie Payroll Services has excellent customer service, reasonable prices and very quick response time. We love doing business with Genie Payroll Services.
Carol B., Largest Bead Store on West Coast

Genie Payroll Services offers hassle free and worry free solutions so I can concentrate on running my business.
Tish C., Insurance Agency

Genie Payroll Services does our payroll efficiently, timely, and it is done well. They are also very friendly and easy to work with. I appreciate their services.
Eileen M., Appliance Store

We are dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment for kids of all ages. Our staff is primarily teenagers getting their first taste of job experience. Having Genie Payroll Services handle my payroll, taxes, W-2, and all the HR work associated with employing 40 teenagers is a gigantic stress reliever! It leaves me free to give the extra time I need to one-on-one train my young staff and engage my customers. I can’t imagine doing this job without Genie Payroll Services!!
Laura O., Daycare Center

Genie Payroll Services has helped our payroll process become hassle free and easy to manage! Their on-line system is easy to navigate for myself and our employees when they need access to their check stubs or W-2 forms. The whole system is a quick and efficient way to handle our payroll needs.
Janee C., Claims Management Company

At Genie Payroll Services we are always glad to provide references with phone numbers after our initial consultation. We provide services to clients spanning a wide spectrum of industries who would welcome your call regarding our services.