About Us

Genie Payroll Services is a family owned and operated business located in Olympia, Washington.  Chuck McSwain founded Genie Payroll in 1996 to save his customers time and money.  As a CPA, and principal of accounting firm, McSwain and Company, he recognized early on that computer-based payroll and on-line systems reduce headaches, save time, and increase profits.

As a result of Chuck McSwain’s commitment to extraordinary customer service and value, Genie Payroll’s now provides payroll, accounting and other business services to a diverse base of clients throughout Washington state, including a number of H&R Block franchises, as well as a growing number of businesses clients throughout the United States. Many of Chuck McSwain’s early customers are still doing business with Genie Payroll Services.

Today the tradition continues; daughter Allison Graves manages Genie Payroll Services and continues her father’s tradition of extraordinary service and value.

If you too wish for exceptional payroll services and value, visit or call Genie Payroll Services today.